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Mar 17 2011
By: Ausomness Splicer 61 posts

PSP 2001 External Review (For all of you who wanna save money)

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The first thing I'd like to say is that buying a PSP 2001 saves you up to $50, and the only downsides are the depretion of thinking Sony could cut you from the PSN Store, which honestly I doubt they'd ever due unless they wanted to stop getting mine and everyone else who has a 2001s' service; but then again it is a nice way to get everyone to buy a PSP Go or PSP 2 or whatever else they have planned for the future so it's hard to tell, also in order to use skype you have to buy a $10 - $15 headset because there is NOT one built in, and some buttons are different from the 3001as well as the screen is not LCD (you can't really tell the difference), but other than that it's the same system and a nice way to save!

Overview: (unless your blind you could probably skip this part)


Your typical buttons from left to right:

D - Pad

Analog stick


volume + & -

Screen Display

Sound Format Button (used for listening to music: controls pitch, stereo, etc.



X, O, Triangle, Square


Then uptop we have the L & R and between those is your WLAN switch, which is used for your internet access

flip it over and the first thing you see is the UMD

To the left of that is your battery pack (which if your going on a long vacation is nice to buy multiple for more power and gameplay)

Still facing the back to the far right it your memory card (I have a 4gb but 8gb are probably the best, if your an all out gamer they sell 20gb and up also)

It also has the typical audio, visual, microphonic, and USB outlets


There is really no big difference between the 3001 and the 2001 so it's a good way to save money.


It's a fingerprint magnet, which can drive you crazy, but I got used to it pretty fast....their only sold used, so when I first got it I had to erase the previous kid's nickname, and set the time and date manually, it also did not come charged....(I'm not sure if new systems come charged or not-my DS didn't, but that's nintendo for you)

Please comment and rate!


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