Mar 17 2011
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PSP Internal Review (Works for all PSP'S except the PSP 2 & Accurate up to Update 6.37)

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As I said in the title this review is not accurate for the PSP 2 or possibly any updates newer than 6.37, in other words it will probably be out of date by the end of 2011.



When you first turn it on the cool little screen saver will pop up and you will be under the "game" menu looking at "Saved Data Utility". This is where your "SensMe Channel", "Digital Comics", "Update Data", and "Game Data" files will be saved. The only use it has is setting up a new software or returning to your game from where you left off. If you hit the d-pad down you will be brought to your "Memory Stick". Since you're looking at your "Memory Stick" from under your game menu it will only show you games. The same is for your Music, Videos, and Pictures. Now if you hit d-pad up twice you will come to "Game Sharing" which is used for multiplayer games that only require one UMD.


Hit the d-pad right and you'll be at the "Network" menu looking at your "Internet Browser". Below the "Internet Browser" is "Internet Search", which allows you to search previous and new searches. Go up to "RSS Channel" and click that and it will allow you to watch many free television shows like "Dream of Jeanie" and "Bewitched". Go up again and you'll find the "Internet Radio" which is of course online radio. Up again is the software that allows you to use your psp as a playstation 3 remote, which is where it gets the name "Remote Play". Go up again "Skype" used to call your friends. "LocationFree Player" (next up) costs a LOT of money, but allows streaming of better television shows than "RSS Channel" shows. Last but not least is the "Online Instruction Manual" which you can also use if this review is not working for you. Now

Playstation Network:

Here you can find one of the best parts of the PSP the STORE!!!!!!!! That's pretty much all you need to know for that besides the "Information Board" (another instruction manual) and "Account Management" (which allows you to download previous content that you downloaded from the store, just in case the files got corrupted or you accidentily deleted them; you can also edit your icon, and lots of other profilish things)

Video & Music & Pictures & Comics:

I'm just going to skip all this cause it's very self explanatory, BUT like I said in the future Sony will probably update all this with more "Extras" and "Qriocity".


All of this is just used to edit the time and date, as well as internet, video, photo, theme, system, RSS Channel, and Security Settings. It's also used for updating your psp, and connecting it to the computer to download videos that you (not netflix) owns.


The fact that you can update it is awesome, because it permits the psp to just keep getting better and better. The setup is good as it should be for wanting to make the PS3 portable. I've also used RSS Channel alot because it's FREE TV!


The internet is kind of slow, but they've sped it up in the past and I'm sure many other updates will speed it up in the future. It's not very clear about Playstation Updates, but if you subscribe to the Playstation Blog then you'll get an email about it. The store prices are too expensive, there should be at least a $5 discount for buying it off the online store instead of going to gamestop and buying the cartridge and packing materials with it.

Things I would like to see in the future:

More Extras:

They might as well just call that menu "Comics" because that's the only "Extra".

Friends List:

I noticed that the PSP 2 is going to have a friends list, and I'm sure that if well get the same psp updates as the PSP Go and PSP 2 that we should have a friends list in the near future.


Same as the friends list, the PSP 2 has it, we should's alot more fun to have goals when you play your games and go online with your portable ID and show off all your trophies.

Until I see more extras and a "Friends List and Trophies" (like the PS3) I can't give the PSP 5 stars, because the goal here was to create a portable Playstation 3, well, a Playstation 3 has both trophies and a friends list, so the goal was not met and I can only give it a close 4 and a half stars.

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