Mar 16 2011
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Sims 2 Castaway

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The Story:

You and your crew members are on a boat having a great party when a storm hits crashing waves on your ship. You are sent overboard into the dark seas and become stranded on an island, cut off from the rest of your fellow crew members. The objective: To Survive!

Note #1: Yes, this is one of those after thought games where you look at it and say, "this looks interesting!" You buy it not really thinking about, and it's fun for maybe a week and then it gets boring. But if you're the kind of kid who wants to "experience" the life of starting out fresh with nothing and seeing how much you can accomplish than this is your kind of game.

Plus sides:

In this game there is a LOT  of freedom. You have the freedom to start off by designing your entire crew, and later in the game you can design and build your own huts, clothes, tools, etc. By doing so you have to maintain your social bar, restroom bar, hunger bar, rest bar, thirst bar, etc. You are given many ways of doing so, by making friends with monkeys or uniting with your fellow crew members, using the restroom often, catching fish or other animals and eating them, getting plenty of rest on either your ground mat or a comfortable bed that you built yourself, drinking plenty of water, etc. You don't have to worry if you start getting bored on this small empty island, because eventually you will have built up your strength and abilites in order to create yourself a raft, which gives you the ability to goto other islands and unite with your crew members and get your social bar up.

Note #2: I didn't really go into all the plus sides that much because most of them are self explanatory and you can probably figure them out on your own, because for all I know, what could be beneficial for me could be a downer for you.

Negative sides:

Most of the negatives about this games are focused on the graphics and camera angles. The graphics are somewhere between a playstation 1 and a playstation 2, or if your a nintendo phinatic just think of a DS....yes I hate nintendo for the camera angles you have no control of them therefore being blinded by trees at times, but that's really not that big of a deal, and if it is you can just move your character. And most of the times where this would occur is when your doing a task such as building something, which really isn't important, because you know what your doing and you just sit tight until the building is finished and then you can move your character in order to admire your work.

Who am I:

No sadly you are not in control of the entire crew, you are only in charge of one person. YOU! I really have not played the game that much, but I do believe that you can create cloths, huts, and catch food for your members, as they will do the same to you. Now I'm going to kind of jump back up to the beginning of the game again. The very first thing you do is create your entire crew. You do this by giving each of them certain jobs such as chef, hunter, or w/e, this comes in handy when you meet up with them and the term, "they will do the same for you" comes into play.

So that's the basics of it all,

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