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May 26 2013
By: FriendlyFire36 First Son 2 posts

Can't find any XP, Please help

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So i just bought a PS3, this is also my first game for the PS3. I have good karma, done all the side missions/story, gotten all the shards, all the birds, and cleared the map of red. I can't find anything left that gives me xp besides hostages, and UGC missions (some dont give any xp at all).  I still need 4000 xp to buy my last skill.


Any ideas?  I'm stuck and dont want to start over.

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Re: Can't find any XP, Please help

May 27, 2013

(posted this somewhere else, hope it helps, good luck!)


I remember having the same problem, it is a long time ago I had this game platinum, but if I remember well the best way to level up is doing some user generated missions, although I find this missions not to be exciting, there is not much of a choice on what to do else :smileysad:


edit: I just googled some stuff and I noticed that you get less XP when playing on hard difficulty, so if you are playing on hard right now, switch to normal or easy (if you already have the hard difficulty trophy of course), that must give you more XP I think


edit 2: I found this too, may be helpful, good luck! :smileyhappy:


XP Recommendations

Easiest way to get a lot of XP is to find militia on the roof of a building and use the Kinetic Pulse to throw them of the roof. This will result in the following XP for a single enemy:

  • Watch your Step=15 XP
  • Enviro kill=10 XP
  • Take Down=5 XP
  • Blast Party=10 XP (need 3 enemies)
  • Result could give you around 100 XP for 3-4 enemies if successful

Another is to complete short and easy UGC created missions and all side missions. Also end of your 2nd playthrough you will receive 15,000 XP.

There is also an infinite XP glitch but to beneficial you must first unlock the powers/upgrades by performing the stunts required. There is only 1 limiting factor to this glitch is that you can only purchase powers/upgrades that are equal or less than the XP that you have available. For example if you have 2000 XP and do the glitch you can only purchase powers that require 2000 XP or less, anything above that you cannot purchase. Here are step by step instructions:

  • press  go to User Generated Content
  • go to Create Empty Mission
  • press  and select Play Current Mission
  • after mission starts press  go to Powers
  • buy every power/upgrade that you have unlocked and you will see that it will not be deducted from you total XP earned under Available XP
  • after purchases press  and select Edit Current Mission
  • after that press  again & Exit Mission Designer & press  not to save
  • press  to go to powers/upgrades menu and see that the purchases are still there and no XP has been deducted
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Re: Can't find any XP, Please help

May 27, 2013

If this is inFAMOUS 1 then ride the train and use lightning when enemies appear. If this is inFAMOUS 2, do like the guy above said and play some UGC missions, it takes a long time though. Hope you get there soon! Both of those games are really fun platinums

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First Son
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Re: Can't find any XP, Please help

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May 27, 2013

Well thats just it though, i have cleared the map of red, so there is no militia anywhere, unless there is a hostage. Also i currently only have 1000 xp. So i guess i'll just have to do user missions, but i'll have to do about 40 just to get enough xp, and thats if i get a min of 100 from each mission


Oh and i'm talking about Infamous 2

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